Where I Found You


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A sweet emotional read. Two people that are destined for each other but have their demons to face. Those demons that make themselves known. They face many challenges, but you know what they say....love triumphs and it certainly does. A good read that gives you the feels.

Oh my days! This book! Where I Found You is book one in the Heart's Compass Series and tells the story of Ellie and Callum. Oh Lord! This couple!

Ellie is leaving town, trying to leave the heartache and trauma behind......making a fresh start. Callum is heading home after a meeting with his brother....both wrapped in their own thoughts, they literally bump into each other......and the connection is instant.

Be still my heart!

What follows has my emotions in a complete whirl and I couldn't turn the virtual pages quick enough. The connection these two have just melts my heart....and other things! Ellie has been through so much and so finds it difficult to trust anybody. Callum sets out to break down those walls, brick by brick. Truly, heart melted.

But not everybody is happy about them being together.......and that had me on the edge of my seat!

Cannot wait to read more by this author!