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REVIEW: Wingbound by Heather Trim

Review - Wingbound by Heather Trim

The story follows a teenager named Ledger, on his journey to find his missing friend, Alouette. Ledger is a blacksmith's apprentice from Balfour and Alouette is one of the Sky People from Ellery. They meet at the age of 12 during the yearly visits the Ellerian make to the region to steal whatever the Balfour have harvested. Every year they would meet in secret to talk, fly and have a bit of fun amidst the ongoing yearly war. When Ledger was about 17, he created a contraption that would let him fly like Alouette since he had wanted to experience that again with her. When he finds out the island the Ellery travel on was empty, he decided to board it and find out what happened to Alouette and the Sky People. Fortunately or unfortunately, his brother, cousin and a few others decided to go on the journey with him. I was upset for Ledger half the time reading because his companions were angry at him for being on the moving island when he didn't even invite them. He wasn't appreciated by his brother or the others and the poor kid felt so alone. The journey on the island around the planet was filled with many hardships, fear, hope, and a few bright moments. The world building was fantastic, although, around the middle of the book, the pace of the story slowed down, I pushed through. There are still a few mysteries not solved from this book that will hopefully be explained in the coming book. It's a great beginning to a unique storyline!

Title: Wingbound

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Ledger is supposed to fear and despise the Sky People of Ellery. When an Ellerian girl named Alouette with beautiful, white wings sneaks into his village, everything changes. With his village at war with the winged people who live on the floating island that circles their world, he does the unthinkable: he befriends her.

In Ledger’s seventeenth harvest, Ellery returns empty. The Sky People are gone, Alouette is missing, and Ledger must make a difficult choice—continue life as usual in the blacksmith workshop or board the island against the elders’ wishes and find her. From debut author Heather Trim comes a vibrant fantasy where following the rules isn’t always the right thing to do when you were born to be the exception.

Heather Trim is the award-winning author of WINGBOUND, a young adult fantasy novel. She’s been a freelance writer and blogging since 2011. She’s written for several local newspapers and magazines, sharing her unique view of the world.

With over 23 years in ministry, she works alongside her parents, Tim and Katie Mather, running a Christian retreat center called Bear Creek Ranch, where folks come from all over the world. Heather is a speaker at several retreats and conferences. She is also the BCR webmaster.

Heather has been a graphic designer with TrimVentures since 2001, creating beautiful websites, book covers, print media, and other graphics. Creativity brings her life. If she isn’t writing, graphic designing, bullet journaling, or reading, she’s probably out gazing at the clouds daydreaming and wishing she had wings.

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