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Wishing For You


I really adore the Never too late series. It shows real life love stories. Love is not always perfect, it can be really messy sometimes; but real love will endure if you want it bad enough. Shelly, at 56, has never been in love. She has it all with her work and friends, but never felt that feeling of love for anyone. Grant had the perfect marriage and love, but lost his wife 10 years earlier. Can two best friend find love? Wonderful story about middle age love. ~ Dawne

Rating 5 Stars

Bohemian artist, Shelly Santiago has had a fulfilling career, amazing friends, and great family. There’s only been one thing missing in her life: someone to share it with. At fifty-six, she thinks her time has come and gone for finding love.

Straight-laced gallery owner, Grant Alexander, knows that even with the tragedy of losing his wife ten years ago, he’s been blessed with a great life and career. The only thing that’s been bothering him is the promise he made to his late wife before she passed.

Side by side, Shelly and Grant have worked together for years. Nothing ever more than friends, and sometimes not even that. As complete opposites, what happens when they start to realize the building attraction they feel for one another? Will they jump into the possibilities of more or will they keep one hand up and their own hearts guarded? Will Grant be able to keep his promise to his late wife? Will Shelly get what she’s always wished for?

Wishing For You will take you on moonlit walks on the beach to remind you that it is never too late for love


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