You're To Blame

Book Review - You're To Blame by Lindsey Iler

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Oh, Lindsey Iler was a brand new author to me when I went it this book and I have to say how happy I am to have stumbled upon her writing. This book draws you in from the start. It starts out angsty and sad with this feeling of mystery surrounding the circumstances and the main character...Charlotte has a lot going on and then Duke pops up on the radar and sparks fly...they keep you guessing and you know everything isn't what it seems. I wanted to shake them sometimes and even yell at that's when you its good. I was totally invested in them!


Enjoyed this book a lot. The start was a little slow and it took a bit to truly captivate me but the chemistry between Duke and Charlotte was enough to keep me going. Their connection was off the charts and at times made me frustrated, I wanted to smash their heads together, but oh how I enjoyed their slow-burn romance and once it the flames really took off I was whooping and hollering



This is a new to me author, I'll be one clicking the rest of her books for sure. Char and Jacob were high school sweethearts. When Jacob went off to collage she followed the following year. After a bad accident that put Jacob into a coma, Char started to fall for his brother from his frat. With many secrets between them will they be able to sort this mess out or will they go there separate ways.


Lindsey is a new author to me, but I will definitely be hunting out more of her work. “You’re to Blame” was a great read. I loved Duke and Charlotte, they had such chemistry together. It was beautifully written. I also thought the best friend Rachel was a brilliant character. She was always pushing Charlotte into doing things she didn’t really want too, because she knew it was what was best for her. Typical best friend ❤️ I knew I didn’t like Jacob from the first few pages. I rooted for Duke the whole way. Well done to Lindsey!


Charlotte and Jacob have been friends/ neighbours and sweethearts for years when he goes of to college Charlotte naturally follows him when it’s her turn to go. Duke is Jacobs frat brother and although he knows he shouldn’t be he is attracted to Charlotte. But when Charlotte and Duke form a kind of friendship Charlotte begins to question the way she feels with Jacob. And the feelings she is getting for Duke. I loved reading this book. It’s the first I have read of Lindsey’s but I will be going looking for more now! The story gripped me and kept me turning page after page.


First let me say, I highly recommend this book! I love being introduced to new authors, especially authors that grab me right from the start. Lindsey Iler was a great surprise and I will definitely be checking out more from her. Her characters were well developed, the story was engaging and the banter was meaningful and emotional. Charlotte and Duke two complete opposites end up turning one another lives upside down. Charlotte has had her life planned out for so long. She has everything she couldn’t want, but she feels like she is drowning. Somewhere she has lost herself and she needs to find out who she is. When tragedy strikes, Charlotte’s life takes an 180 degree turn, guilt consumes her. Everything is becoming too much and she’s about to lose it. When she sees Duke, she knows that she shouldn’t cross the line with him, but he is making her feel alive once again. Duke Anderson is the resident bad boy or at least that is what he wants everybody to think. Frat brother, tattoos, bartender, player...oh yeah bad boy vibe. But is he really like that? Duke has some secrets that he has never felt comfortably sharing until he befriends Charlotte. She is everything he wants and desires, but she is off limits. These two had me rooting for them right from the start. I knew something was off with Charlotte, and I kind of guessed what the big reveal was, BUT it didn’t take away from the story. The story was of these two breathing life into one another, making them feel things foreign to them and allowing them to let go of some of the guilt for their circumstance. This pulls you in a few directions and there were a few times I wanted to smack both of them and yell just admit things. But I am glad the author took the path she did. The secondary characters added some warmth to the story and a little bit of their own drama. I was intrigued by them and I would like to see more books with these characters. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because I did figure out the secret that Charlotte was keeping and also the other added drama. As I said it didn't take away from the story, but I did figure it out right away. Lindsey wrote a beautiful story about finding love when you least expect it. It also is about finding your true self and allowing it fully blossom. Duke helped Charlotte, but Charlotte also helped Duke...soulmates! I loved it! I will be watching out for more from this author. I voluntarily read an copy for a honest review.


New to me author. This is a story of a love that seemed like it wasn't meant to be. A lot of untold truths, that could potentially destroy the obvious bond. Definitely an author I can't wait to read more of.