You're To Blame

Book Review - You're To Blame by Lindsey Iler

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Oh, Lindsey Iler was a brand new author to me when I went it this book and I have to say how happy I am to have stumbled upon her writing. This book draws you in from the start. It starts out angsty and sad with this feeling of mystery surrounding the circumstances and the main character...Charlotte has a lot going on and then Duke pops up on the radar and sparks fly...they keep you guessing and you know everything isn't what it seems. I wanted to shake them sometimes and even yell at that's when you its good. I was totally invested in them!

Enjoyed this book a lot. The start was a little slow and it took a bit to truly captivate me but the chemistry between Duke and Charlotte was enough to keep me going. Their connection was off the charts and at times made me frustrated, I wanted to smash their heads together, but oh how I enjoyed their slow-burn romance and once it the flames really took off I was whooping and hollering


This is a new to me author, I'll be one clicking the rest of her books for sure. Char and Jacob were high school sweethearts. When Jacob went off to collage she followed the following year. After a bad accident that put Jacob into a coma, Char started to fall for his brother from his frat. With many secrets between them will they be able to sort this mess out or will they go there separate ways.